Water Mist Lance - Fire fighting on ships with Fognail®

Fognail® Water Mist Lance for all ships, yachts, boats, platforms and other marine applications

Ship Fire Fighting on cruise ships Ship Fire Fighting on container ships Ship Fire Fighting on ferries Fognail®-fire extinguishing equipment fulfills regulations for container carriers according ABS FOC notation and SOLAS Resolution MSC. 365 (93).

Fognail® Combi nail - Water mist lance with a piercing nozzle which is capable (with using the special Fognail hammer) of penetrating a container wall indepent of any drilling machine e.g. and producing water mist inside the container (or other enclosed space) when connected to the fire main.

The Combi nail - Water mist lance (combined distance and wide spray nozzles) can be used effectively to fight container fire, fires in accommodation areas, in particular cabin fires but also fires in supplies and store rooms, without endangering the crew or the firefighting team through their coming directly into contact with flames.

Due to the special integrated wide-spray function the Fognail® Combi nail can also be used as a hydro-shield to protect firefighting teams when entering high temperature areas.

By using Fognails® Flashover is avoided.

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Cargo area

The Fognail® Water Mist Lance can be used in the cargo area of ships as well as on ferries. Its high level of effectiveness, especially in the case of car fires, fires in containers and closed trailers. That has been approved in countless tests and real fire fighting over many years.

With the Fognail-nozzle tip, tarpaulins of trailers can be punctured without any problems, enabling the quick supply of extinguishing agents directly to the source of the fire. Supply via D-size hoses additionally ensures a good handling in fully stowed trailer decks. A further advantage is the small amount of extinguishing water used.

Sea containers

Fires inside sea containers can also be fought from outside without opening the container. With the Fognail® special hammer, an access hole can be made for the fog nozzle, so that a fine mist of water can be introduced to the container. Here, the additional use of F-500 encapsulating agent proves itself capable of reacting to all kind of fire loads in containers.

With the tip of the Fognail® special hammer, cabin doors/walls, cars and container walls can be punctured with a certain exertion of force so that a fog nozzle can be inserted.

Video Container fire

Electrical equipment

The Fognail® CO2 extinguishing set was designed for electrical switchboards on board. Without opening the covers of the panels, the CO2 extinguishing nail can be inserted via a pre-installed locking flange. The same extinguishing system is suitable for fast attack against fires in small engine compartments of yachts and motor boats.
You can read more information on our website under "CO2-Extinguishing Nail" (in German only).

Multi-purpose encapsulator agent F-500

In combination with the F-500 encapsulate agent, which can be added to extinguishing water in very low concentrations via special inductors, the effect of the Fognail® is massively increased, particularly in the case of liquid fires in technical areas.
Read about this in the test report from noRISC Fire & Safety Training e.V (association for fire service real life fire training in Bavaria) under "Test Reports" (in German only) on our website!

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